On-Demand Webinar

Risk-Adjustment Coding Strategies to Boost Medicare Advantage Payments


On-Demand Webinar

Risk-Adjustment Coding Strategies to Boost Medicare Advantage Payments


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  • Your Medicare Advantage reimbursement is continually being reduced by the diagnosis codes that you're submitting with your claims. But there is something you can do about it…

    The answer is risk-adjustment coding. Now, I'm certainly not telling you to submit anything other than the most accurate diagnoses for your patients. The goal is to make sure you're really reporting how sick your patients are. With a firm grasp on your patients' risk scores and Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) diagnosis codes, you can give your revenue a serious boost with very little extra work on your part.

    Catrena Smith, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CIC, CPC-I, CRC, CHTS-PW, can show you how to more accurately apply HCC diagnoses to your patients’ ailments so you don’t undercut the reimbursement you rightfully deserve.

  • Here are just a few of the tactics you’ll receive by completing this practical, step-by-step training session:

    •  Meet strict plan documentation requirements and improve
    •  Conduct a risk-adjustment data evaluation and self-audit
        to avoid reduced payments
    •  Pin down the top conditions that cause coding errors
    •  Incorporate risk-adjustment coding tactics to your ACA plan
        claims and boost pay-up
    •  Discover how risk-adjustment scores are calculated and tied
        directly to payment levels
    •  And so much more…

    Medicare Advantage reimbursement is based on accurate risk-adjustment coding. It focuses on really how sick your patients are versus how often you see or evaluate them. Your payments are linked directly to the documented conditions in your medical records, not to the number of visits or procedures performed. Then, your future reimbursement gets adjusted when auditors review your data. So you could get hit twice with a payment reduction if you're not careful.

    Stop losing money on your Medicare Advantage claims. Take action now and order the training session today. Don’t wait, order today.

    Who should attend this training?

    • Practice Managers
    • Physicians
    • Non-physician Healthcare Professionals
    • Coding Managers and Professionals (inpatient and outpatient)
    • HIM Managers and Professionals
    • Medicare Advantage Payers
    • Quality Professionals
    • CDI Managers, Directors and Specialists

  • Catrena Smith, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CIC, CPC-I, CRC, CHTS-PW

    Catrena SmithWith over 16 years’ experience in the Health Information Management Industry, Catrena is a nationally recognized speaker and has published numerous articles in professional journals and magazines. She is a former AAPC Local Chapter President, serves as a HIM student/new graduate mentor for multiple organizations and has served as an Advisory Committee member of a local college for several years. Catrena prides herself in helping to grow the next generation of health information management professionals.

  • AAPC:
    This program meets AAPC guidelines for 1 CEU. On Demand product requires successful completion of a Post-Test for Core A and all specialties except CPEDC, CDEO, CPMS and CIRCC for continuing education units.

  • Reviews: 

    She was well spoken and knew the content.”
     - Vicky Hinkle, Billing Coordinator, Sandel Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, Annapolis, MD

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