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Medical Necessity Secrets Unveiled


On-Demand Webinar

Medical Necessity Secrets Unveiled


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  • Medical necessity is the overriding factor when deciding whether a service is a covered benefit, and this is especially true when choosing the correct E/M level.

    Medicare reports that in 2013 it made 18% ($36 Billion) of the fee-for-service payments incorrectly. And the Agency indicates that Medical Necessity was the cause for 37% ($6.48 billion) of those improper payments. Accordingly, in 2014, Medicare is pushing hard to get their money back. This means that it is more important than ever for your E/M levels to be 100% accurate.

    But this just isn't happening. A variety of surveys indicate that medical practices are undercoding their E/M services by as much as 40% of the time (depending on your specialty). This is leaving millions of your hard earned dollars on the table uncollected. On the flip side, the OIG regularly posts cases of practices being fined for overcoding - and whether it is intentional or not, the fines can be significant.

    So, selecting the correct level of E/M service not only gets you paid the right amount, but can keep you out of legal and financial hot water.

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  • Even the most skilled coder can run into roadblocks when determining the correct level of E/M service to submit. But there are insider tools you can use to help you ensure you are choosing the correctly level every time -- and that you are being paid accurately for the services your practice provides.

    That's where Stephanie Cecchini, CPC, CEMC, CHISP, AHIMA and Approved ICD-10 Trainer comes in. Stephanie is VP of Coding Operation for Aviacode, and a nationally recognized expert of E/M coding. After working with medical practices for years all across the country, she has developed a variety of "Medical Necessity Secrets," that she would like to share with you in her recorded webinar.

    This webinar will provide you with the insights necessary to unlock the secret of correct E/M coding by introducing the skills you need to more accurately identify and effectively address Medical Necessity concerns. Not only will you receive proven, step-by-step tactics to help you choose the correct level of E/M service, but Stephanie will get you practical solutions to your most challenging medical necessity issues.

    Here are just some of the practical tactics you'll receive by attending this essential webinar:

    1.  Three Little Known Secrets to Improve Your E/M Coding Immediately and Bulletproof Your Records
    2.   Stop Undercoding for Your E/M services with Medical Necessity Definition Tool
    3.  Get Paid More of What You Deserve with Proven Chart Identifiers So You Can Clinically Differentiate E/M
    4.  Avoid Physician Conflict with Effective Communication Techniques to Use When You Don't Agree With Your Provider
    5.  How to Have Confidence in Selecting the Correct E/M Level
    6.  Successfully Challenge Your Provider's E/M Without Causing Conflict

    Don't wait. If you're like so many other practices, you are also fighting for every penny you receive (or at least it feels that way). By viewing Stephanie's webinar, you'll walk away with the step-by-step tools you need to select and defend your E/M levels accurately. And finally have confidence that you are being paid for what was really performed.

    Order today, and unlock Medical Necessary secrets that will boost your reimbursement and protect your practice. 

  • Stephanie Cecchini, CPC, CEMC, CHISP, AHIMA Approved ICD-10 Trainer

    Stephanie joined Aviacode in 2012 where she continues her commitment to best serve the revenue cycle management needs of physicians and the healthcare community. She is an executive level consultant with significant healthcare business experience.

    An expert in clinical documentation requirements for coding and billing Medicare, Medicaid and all lines of commercial payer business, she brings more than eighteen years’ involvement in healthcare regulations including: coding and billing compliance, HIPAA privacy, security, and transactions, and HITECH meaningful use compliance.

    Previously, Stephanie served as SVP at the American Society of Health Informatics Managers, working to fill the needs of physicians adopting Health IT and at its sister organization, AAPC as VP, Product Management. In prior roles she served as Chief Audit Officer for Parses, assuring physician audit accuracy.

    As a public speaker and published writer, she is a nationally respected advocate of fair and proper payment for medical services. Stephanie lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband Jim and their three children.

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