On-Demand Webinar

Managed Care Contracts: Maximize Your Upside


On-Demand Webinar

Managed Care Contracts: Maximize Your Upside


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  • Successfully negotiating and renegotiating your payer managed care contracts can mean the difference between getting paid what you deserve for the services you provide, or losing money on every claim you file.

    Doing it right, and you can see significant financial increases to your bottom line.
    Doing it wrong, and you'll be left getting paid pennies on the dollar, or worse, providing your services for free.

    Whether you are negotiating with a contractor for the first time, or trying to modify an existing agreement it all comes down to the same thing - The Contract. And deciphering its pages of legalese can give even the most skilled medical professional a pounding headache. And it doesn't matter what's discussed during your negotiation process, because if it doesn't end up in your signed contract you can kiss it goodbye.

    Kathryn Watson, JD, MPH, has helped countless practices across the country identify the hidden pitfalls buried in their managed care contracts, and then taught them how to go back to the carrier and successfully get them changed or removed. Using everything that she has learned over the years, she has prepared a 90-minute online training presentation so you can benefit as well.

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  • By viewing Katie's presentation, you'll benefit from her years of hands-on carrier contract negotiations. She will provide you with the proven tactics you need to:

    1. Head-off "funky" contract phrases and clauses (i.e. evergreen) that can slash your reimbursement 
    2  Understand proven negotiation/renegotiation tactics to ensure you're getting the best deal possible
    3. Watch for red flags to watch for so you'll know when it's time to walk away
    4. Identify which proposed contract rates are negotiable, and then get them changed to benefit you
    6. Limit your practice's liabilities
    7. and so much more....

    Contracting with health plans is a necessary evil. They can be complicated and tense at best. And if you don't have a strong handle on how to do it successfully, you could end up in a contract that can be a financial hardship on your practice. Don't let this happen to you. Order Katie's managed care contracting training session today.

  • Kathryn (Katie) Watson, JD, MPH 

    Kathryn (Katie) Watson, an associate at Feldesman Tucker Leifer Fidell LLP, advises health care providers on contractual relationships with managed care organizations, as well as on employment issues and regulatory compliance.

    Prior to joining her firm, Ms. Watson spent years representing individual physicians and physician practice groups in corporate and transactional matters.  She has taught contract law to medical residents at the University of California Los Angeles and the University of California San Francisco.

     Ms. Watson received her undergraduate degree from Brown University and her masters' degree in public health from Johns Hopkins University.  She graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, clerked for a U.S. District Court, and is admitted to the bar in California and Washington D.C.  

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