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HIPAA Compliance: Avoid Text/Email Danger Zones


On-Demand Webinar

HIPAA Compliance: Avoid Text/Email Danger Zones


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  • One wrong text or email message can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in HIPAA fines and penalties. And it doesn’t matter who you’re communicating with: patients, staff, providers or with insurance carriers. A violation is a violation. And if you think it couldn’t happen to you, think again…

    Texting and emailing HIPAA violations are not always caused by what you might think. For example, you may think you are safe as long as you don’t text patients – you’re wrong. The biggest violations generally occur between providers messaging their staff. You can avoid getting hit with a HIPAA audit and violations with a few simple changes to your current processes. But you have to be able to identify the danger zones.

    National HIPAA expert, John Brewer, will walk you through how to escape being hit with HIPAA emailing and texting violations.  John's online training session entitled, HIPAA Compliance: Avoid Text/Email Danger Zones, will provide you with the proven strategies you need to stay out HIPAA hot water. You’ll be surprised by what can land you in serious trouble.

  • Here are just a few of the practical, step-by-step tactics you’ll receive to protect your practice from being charged with emailing and texting HIPAA violations:

    • Choose the safest communication method: patient portal vs. email communications
    • Protect yourself from HIPAA violations with one simple item added to your emails
    • Identify when you can send PHI via email – or if you ever should
    • Stop the worst internal text message HIPAA violators from sinking your practice
    • Prevent Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or the infamous AOL from ending in catastrophe
    • Improve HIPAA security for all of your messaging easier than you thought possible
    • And so much more…

    Remember, The text and email messages that you send can NEVER really be deleted, and EACH message identified by an auditor to be in violation of HIPAA can result in a separate fine. This is how HIPAA fines grow so massive and how the government has collected over $58 million from violations. Don’t let this happen to you.

    It doesn’t matter what specialty you are, or how big or small your practice is, your texting and emailing could be ticking time bombs just waiting to cause a HIPAA explosion. Don’t get caught in the fall out. Order this action-driven 60-minute session and get everything you need to protect your practice from HIPAA messaging violations. Don’t wait, order this online training session today. 


    John Brewer, President, Med Tech USA, LLC

    John Brewer  

    Early in the 2000's John got heavily involved with HIPAA compliance as he desired to ensure his medical IT clients were compliant with the law. As he researched he realized most people had no idea how HIPAA compliance was to coincide with their computers. Over the years he has become an expert on HIPAA compliance, and as a byproduct, Meaningful Use compliance as it deals with the Security Risk Assessment which is a requirement started by Stage 1, that essentially will never end. His company, Med Tech USA LLC, provides private practice physicians with solutions to simplify the HIPAA compliance process.

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