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Front Desk Part 3: Head Off HIPAA Nightmares


On-Demand Webinar

Front Desk Part 3: Head Off HIPAA Nightmares


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  • Noncompliant use and disclosure of your patients’ protected health information is the number one driver behind being hit with significant HIPAA violations and fines. And considering that your front desk staff interact most often with your patients, identifying and resolving these and other common HIPAA front desk violations is the one way to protect yourself. 

    Being hit with a HIPAA violation can have a massive financial impact on your practice. HIPAA regulations allow for you to be fined for every identified violation. For example, out of date policies = fine, poorly trained staff = fine, inadequate documentation = fine. This is how fines grow so large, and how the government has collected over $58 million from healthcare facilities just like yours.

    The good news is that there are several easy-to-implement tactics you can use at your front desk that will protect you from getting stuck with huge violation fines. That’s where nationally recognized healthcare consultant and HIPAA expert, Christine M. Duprey, comes in. Christine's online training session on will help keep you out of legal & financial hot water.

    In only 60-minutes, you’ll learn how to implement specific actions to protect you from the most common front desk HIPAA violations – and if you don't think your office has any, think again.  Christine’s session will help you ensure your front-desk staff are trained to identify violations before they get you in trouble, and successfully handle even the most challenging patient complaints before they escalate to OCR and potentially causing a further audit on all your practices.

  • Here are just a few of the practical front desk HIPAA tactics you’ll receive from  this must-have training session:

      • Avoid HIPAA Privacy Notice requirement violations from leading to corrective actions
      • Dodge disclosed patient information violations – even the smallest amount of information matters
      • Halt patient HIPAA complaints in their tracks by implementing effective processes
      • Quickly overcome family member complaints for lack of disclosure
      • Set up a HIPAA-compliant sign-in process that protects both you and your patients
      • Master your patients’ HIPAA rights and protect yourself from costly penalties
      • And so much more…

    Front desk HIPAA compliance permeates so many aspects of your practice. Here are a few more examples of areas that could be ticking front desk HIPAA time bombs unless you take action immediately: * Social Media * Patient Information Access * Patient reminder calls * Release of Information (to both patients and other providers) * Family Member Request for Information * Charging patients to make copies * Addressing patients by name * Fax Requests * Waiting Room Breaches.

    HIPAA is the largest healthcare regulation since Medicare was introduced in 1966. And it’s the one that can sanction everyone (your staff, physicians and practice) for HIPAA wrong doing and non-compliance. And although HIPAA privacy and security guidelines are complicated, you can ensure compliance at your front desk by simply investing 60-minutes of your time.

    You can get everything you need to protect your practice from the most common front-desk HIPAA violations, and head off costly and stressful audits. Protect your practice and order this must-have training session today.

  • Christine Duprey, Owner Caris Consulting, LLC

    Christine DupreyChris also utilizes her compliance knowledge and experience to assist clients in their preparation for SOC2 and PCI-DSS certification audits, client audits, and third party reviews.Chris Duprey is the Owner of Caris Consulting, LLC. Chris has nearly 30 years of health care experience including consulting many organizations in the public and private sector through their HIPAA initiatives in assessment, planning and execution over the past 15 years.

    Chris currently serves clients as a Privacy Official, mentor, and/or compliance consultant. In addition to spearheading compliance programs, Chris manages the Business Associate Agreements and vendor management, Privacy and Security breach incidents, vendor audits, policy and procedure development, and facilitation of quarterly meetings to keep compliance on track.

    Chris has been an active participant with HIPAA COW since 2000 in various capacities and currently serves on the HIPAA COW Privacy Workgroup.



    “It was informative.”
     - Sarah Brooke, Supervisor of Customer Service, Avanti Hospitals, El Segundo, California 

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