On-Demand Webinar

Carrier Contracting: Improve Reimbursement With Better Contracts’ Language


On-Demand Webinar

Carrier Contracting: Improve Reimbursement With Better Contracts’ Language


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  • When was the last time you pulled your carrier contracts and reviewed their terms? Or better yet, went back to your carriers and successfully renegotiated your rates?

    Either way, it all comes down to the same thing - The Contract. And deciphering its pages of legalese can give even the most skilled medical professional a pounding headache. Successfully negotiating and renegotiating your payer managed care contracts can make or break your practice.

    Negotiating managed care contracts is a huge pain, and that’s where national carrier contracting expert, Steve Selbst, comes in. In a 90-minute online training session, Steve shares his step-by-step contract evaluation and negotiation process.

  • In just 90 minutes, without even leaving your office, you'll walk away with easy-to implement strategies so you can:

    • Identify potential threats in your contracts and avoid them
    • Recognize payer contracts’ language opportunities to get more favorable terms
    • Identify the top 5 payer contract language landmines so that you don’t get burned
    • Improve contracts’ results with a language template that you can reuse and take with you
    • Navigate fee schedule amendment types and examples to make your contracts stronger
    • Get more of your changes accepted by using the payer contracts’ lifecycle
    • And so much more….

    Steve helps his clients to more successfully maneuver through their contractual relationships with their payers and avoid serious contract missteps. Now, he’d like to help you.

    By ordering this 90- minute online training session, you will receive the tools you need to identify and avoid hidden contract pitfalls. You’ll also learn how to go back to your carrier(s) and get undesirable sections changed or removed to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

    Steve will take tough contract language issues and break them down into plain English so you can't be given the runaround any longer. Don’t leave it to chance. Order this online training today and learn everything you need to successfully negotiate or renegotiate your carrier contracts, and boost your revenue.

  • Steve Selbst, Co-Owner and CEO, Healthcents, Inc.

    Steve SelbstSteve Selbst is the CEO of Healthcents and leads the business operations including contracting and reimbursement analysis. He is responsible for all of Healthcents Inc.’s business processes, contracts management, negotiations, and computing systems, which are used to enable Healthcents to get providers maximum reimbursements on payer contracts. He has successfully negotiated over 15,000 payer contracts and is the inventor of RevolutionSoftware, Healthcents’ state of the art web service product for payer contracts’ analysis. Under Steve’s leadership, many of the largest practices in the USA have become reference accounts. Steve leads the development and delivery of our “Blue Print for Success” Payer Contracting Class, which is sponsored by medical associations such as the AUA, and teaches medical providers the “secret sauce” about how to negotiate payer contracts. Steve’s background includes over two decades of executive management with IBM, and he is well known in the software and healthcare businesses as a leader who builds new businesses quickly and profitably.  

    His experience includes the managing of complex multi-site and multi-company software development including labs in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. He managed a staff of over 300 people in the development of complex business intelligence software used by companies all over the world for query, reporting and data analysis. Steve has been quoted in many press releases and has written many recent articles about payer contracting and payer contracts analysis for a variety of industry journals including the Ambulatory Care Advisor, HME News, AAOE e-news and many more. See www.healthcents.com for many recent articles. Steve holds a BS in Business from Arizona State University, was Summa Cum Laude, and was invited to apply for a Fulbright Scholarship.


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    “I thought it was very informational.”
    - Ruth Corbett Munoz, Medical Coder, Nimiipuu Health, Lapwai, ID

    “It was very good.”
    - Reina Galloway, Billing Manager, Virginia iSpine Physicians, Richmond, VA

    “Useful information.”
    - Cecelia Valentine, Managed Care Contract Negotiator, Hunt Regional Medical Center, Greenville, TX

    “Very organized.”
    - Ruth Constant, President/CEO, Ruth Constant & Associates, Victoria, TX

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