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Stark: 2017 Compliance Requirements


On-Demand Webinar

Stark: 2017 Compliance Requirements


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  • You’d better be worried about Stark. There have been significant Stark Law changes in 2016, and a number of recent provider settlements in the tens and hundreds of millions, make it urgent that you ensure you’re compliant before 2017 is here.

    Stark affects EVERY financial arrangement you have with every one of your referring physicians. And EVERYONE is at risk - from small physician practices to large hospital systems.

    So, how can you protect yourself? That’s where healthcare attorney, Joseph Wolfe, JD, can help. During his 60-minute training session, he’ll walk you through proven strategies to minimize liability exposure and penalties from your physician compensation arrangements.

    By completing this plain-English, training session you’ll receive proven Stark compliance tactics you can use to successfully protect yourself. After completing this step-by-step training, you’ll be able to more quickly identify Stark compliance risks, implement proven policies to avoid problems in the future, and establish ongoing monitoring and review processes to keep yourself protected.

  • Here are just a few of the takeaways you’ll receive from this 60-minute session:

    •   Protect against litigation by successfully auditing your physician
        compensation contracts
     – top three contract musts

    •  Cut through the confusion of the new 2016 Stark guidelines 
        the specific documents you should have on file
    •  Master Stark contracting requirements to head off costly lawsuits
    •  Stop expired contracts from causing legal nightmares – renewal
        provisions and monitoring processes key
    •   Make sure you know CMS’ definition of remuneration to head off
    •   Don’t let the “takes into account” prohibition turn into a serious
    •   Comply with new timeshare arrangements with office space, staff,
        and equipment synergy
    •   Reduce technical violations with 90-day rule signature requirement
    •   Take advantage of new recruitment exception for NPPs in primary
        care settings
    •   And so much more…

    With more changes on the horizon, this training session will provide you with the tools you need to monitor and audit your existing arrangements to ensure you are compliant with Stark’s technical requirements and key tenets of defensiblility (e.g., fair market value, commercial reasonableness, and not taking into account designated health service referrals, etc.). And if your physician contracts are ever challenged, this is the only way you can be sure they’re compliant.

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming your referring physician financial arrangements are Stark Compliant. With the 2016 Stark law changes, and the draw of large monetary settlements driving lawsuits, you have too much at risk. Don’t delay, order this great training today.

  • Meet Your Expert: Joseph N. Wolfe, JD

    Joseph is an attorney with Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.C., the largest health care focused law firm in the country. Mr. Wolfe provides advice and counsel to some of the nation's largest health systems, hospitals and medical groups on a variety of health care issues. He regularly counsels clients on a national basis regarding compliance-focused physician compensation and alignment strategies. He is a frequent speaker on issues related to the physician self-referral statute (Stark Law), hospital-physician transactions, physician compensation governance and health care valuation issues. Before attending law school at the University of Wisconsin, he served as a combat engineer in the United States Army.

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