MACRA: Master MIPS Reporting Requirements, Avoid Medicare Payment Cuts Toolkit

Time is running out. You must master the details of reporting under the MACRA payment methodology or risk the impact to your bottom line – your Medicare reimbursement could decrease as much as 4% initially, then later up to 9%.

Luckily, this new MACRA/MIPS Reporting Requirements Toolkit will not only walk you through this new complex rule, but it will also provide you the specifics of how you can comply with MIPS and avoid any future Medicare payment reductions.

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Your MACRA/MIPS Reporting Requirements Toolkit includes these 4 Must-Have Resources:

Downloadable Online Training

MACRA Final Rule: Master Requirements to Avoid Medicare Payment Cuts

Format: On-Demand. A $197 value.

Medicare recently announced the final reporting requirements for the new MACRA rule going into effect January 2017. The MACRA program not only changes how you'll be paid by Medicare - it turns it completely upside down.  How you report your 2017 MACRA metrics will make a significant difference in your future Medicare reimbursement. It's vitally important that you figure this out NOW, and that's where nationally recognized expert, Greg Fulton, can help. During his 90-minute training session, Greg will walk you through exactly what you need to know about the final MACRA 2017 reporting requirements to ensure your future Medicare reimbursement doesn't take a hit.

By completing this practical, plain-English training, you’ll receive step-by-step tactics so you can master the new MACRA rules and avoid pending Medicare payment reductions:

  • Choose the correct modified first year reporting option and get some reporting relief
  • Stop a lack of technology from hindering your ability to report your quality data
  • Breakdown the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) to maximize your payup
  • Identify if you qualify for an Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) and cut your risk
  • Master the metrics and scoring that will determine your future Medicare payments
  • Determine if you qualify to be exempt or excluded from certain MACRA scoring tracks (and what this will mean to your payments)
  • Avoid missing key 2017 deadlines and timeframes to maximize your reimbursement
  • Choose whether reporting as an individual or group practice is better for you
  • Breakdown the most complex sections of this convoluted legislation to more easily comply
  • And so much more….

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    Downloadable Online Training

    MACRA: Master MIPS to Stop Medicare Payment Cuts

    Format: On-Demand. A $197 value.

    The majority of Medicare providers ONLY have one option in 2017. You must accurately report MIPS data based on MACRA'S Final Rule. Or, you'll see a 4% reduction in your future Medicare payments. It's vitally important that you figure out how to accurately report your MIPS data NOW, and that's where nationally recognized expert, Jeanne J. Chamberlin, MA, FACMPE, can help. During her 60-minute training session, Jeanne will not only walk you through this new complex rule, she'll provide you the specifics of how you can comply with MIPS.

    Here are just a few MIPS reports action items you'll receive by completing this step-by-step, plain-English 60-minute training session:

    • Uncover the few MIPS exclusions so you can avoid reporting altogether – for now
    • Determine which of the 4 transitional 'pick your pace' options is right for you in 2017
    • Maximize your data score by deciding to report as a group or to separate out individual providers
    • Pick the Quality Measures that are right for you out of the 270 options available
    • Master Advanced Care Information scoring to maximize your points
    • Qualify for Additional Registry Reporting and Improvement Activities Bonuses to boost your score
    • Identify Improvement Activities that you are likely already doing and can add to your MIPS final score
    • And so much more….

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      Best-Selling Expert Report

      Accurately Report MIPS to Increase Medicare Reimbursement

      MIPS Quality ReportingFormat: PDF or Print. A $297-$337 value.
      If you're not prepared for these complex, new reporting requirements going into effect on Jan. 1, 2017, you can plan on being hit with Medicare payment cuts. The majority of practices will be reporting under MACRA's MIPS program. And, your reimbursement will be increased or decreased based on how well you perform on the quality metrics you must report. That's where this MACRA 2017 - MIPS Quality Reporting: Avoid Medicare Part B Cuts With Expert Quality Reporting Strategies expert report can help. This 320-page report will provide you with practical step-by-step strategies that will help you maximize your Medicare revenue. Here are just a few:

      • Choose the best first-year reporting option to maximize your score
      • Are the specialty-specific Quality measures right for you? How to make sure
      • Boost your MIPS Composite Performance Score to earn higher Medicare payment rates
      • Use your EHR to add points to your Advanced Care Information Measures and reimbursement
      • Avoid payment surprises by learning how to calculate your MIPS score in advance
      • And so much more…

      Time is running out. Next year you had better be ready to adopt these complicated reporting rules correctly, or your future Medicare payments will suffer. Click here to view the Table of Contents.

      CEU's: This program meets AAPC guidelines for 1 CEU. Published product requires successful completion of a Post-Test for Core A and all specialties except CPEDC, CIRCC, CPMS and CDEO for continuing education units.

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      Downloadable Online Training

      MACRA: How to Practice Medicine and Survive

      Format: On-Demand. A $177 value.

      You've probably heard that next year is being considered a transition year for MACRA, but don't be fooled into thinking you have plenty of time to make this decision. Making your choice early is the only way of getting what you want, and hopefully improving your payment opportunities. So, if you want to have control over how you're going to practice medicine under MACRA, you'd better decide soon. That's where healthcare attorney and quality reporting expert, Jennifer Searfoss, Esq., CPOM, CHCI, CMCS, comes in. During her 60-minute training session, you'll receive a plain-English explanation of your MACRA options. Jennifer knows the tough decisions you are facing, and has the answers you need.

      Here are just a few of the options Jennifer will drill down into and walk you through so you can more quickly take action:

      • Weigh the real pros and cons of being employed by a private group vs. a hospital
      • Consider private practice payer contracting options and changes in payer mix impact on your practice
      • When to go non-par or opt out of health plans and what this means to your pocketbook
      • Evaluate if running a private practice under the new MACRA rules is your best option
      • Uncover your MACRA options of MIPS or APMs available and whether you qualify
      • Is now the time to retire, or should you hang on a little while longer
      • And so much more…

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