Get Paid More for Lesion Removals

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Lesion removals alone, not even including closures, can be coded with any one of over 50 CPT codes. It is no wonder these everyday procedures continue to give your practice a migraine.

Every lesion removal is slightly different. To get paid correctly you need to take into account the lesion's location, size, depth, closure, and pathology results. Not to mention the variable payer requirements that just compound the difficulty of getting paid what you deserve for these common in-office procedures.

Even the straightforward, quickies are sometimes no easier to code. A few millimeters that are lost in “eyeballing” a measurement can add up to a lot of missed revenue over time. Larger lesions, particularly cancerous ones, can result in defects and coverage methods that have different sets of guidelines altogether. Understanding what is bundled in a more complex reconstruction can help avoid denials and even painful audits down the line. 

Even though correctly and successfully coding for lesions is far from easy, there are some proven techniques and tips you can use to make it EASIER than it currently is. Victoria Moll CPC, CPMA, CPRC, of Contempo Coding, has recorded a 60-minute training session with the tools you need to improve your payup, decrease your denials, and help you stay off of the audit radar. Here are just a few of the specifics you'll receive by attending this plain-English, step-by-step session:

1. Optimize lesion reimbursement with easy-to-use sizing tactic

2. Master modifiers and tackle bundling problems head on  

3. More accurately code the closure method by knowing for sure what's is and isn't included

4. Determine when a “flap” is not a “flap,” to avoid common claim denial

Coding one lesion removal incorrectly isn't going to cause you a significant financial hardship. But consistent denials and underpayments for these regularly-performed service can quickly add up. Don't waste another minute. Order this practical training session to help you code more accurately and get paid more of what you deserve for your regular lesion removals.

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Meet Your Expert: 

Victoria M. Moll, CPC, CPMA, CPRC, is a surgical coder for a large physician group in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She has over seven years of experience in billing and coding for hospitalists, obstetrics/gynecology, transplant services, general surgery, hematology/oncology, and plastic and reconstructive surgery. She previously worked as a coding and health information instructor and now teaches classes to prepare coding students for the CPC exam. Victoria is an active member of the American Academy of Professional Coders, having held office in multiple chapters and mentored several members.

Victoria is a published writer and frequent speaker on the subject of plastic and reconstructive surgery coding. She owns and operates her own coding education website, Contempo Coding.


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