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ICD-10 - 3 Levels Based on Your Knowledge

3-part Webinar Series  |  Attend Just 1 or Go to All 3 |  90 minutes each |   Order Today

ICD-10 is live but don't let your guard down yet.

Even though you made it through ICD-10 going live, now is when things get really tricky. Yes, after having a month of ICD-10 under your belt you probably have a good idea where your danger zones are. But now that you’ve identified the things you and your team need to work on what do you do about it?

This recorded webinar series was developed to give you and every member of your team the tools to successfully use this new diagnosis coding system.

ICD-10-CM is a core change to how the entire United States healthcare system codes their claims. If your claims don't have the support of medical necessity from the ICD-10 system they will NOT get paid. The new system is NOT easy. And it doesn't matter where you see patients, what specialty you're in, or whether you bill Medicare or not. In order to get paid, you need to be using ICD-10 correctly.

The series is broken down the ICD-10 training based on your starting understanding the system:




ICD-10 for BEGINNERS, Available for Immediate Download: If someone on your team is starting at the very beginning, or the training they have received thus far just hasn’t clicked, this 90-minute BEGINNER session is perfect. It’s also great for support staff that just need ICD-10 basics. Here are several of the key items they'll gain a firm understanding of by attending this step-by-step training:

Structure, organization, and unique features of ICD-10-CM
Similarities between of ICD-10-CM and ICD-9-CM
Breakdown of the ICD-10 manual, chapter structure and how to Index codes
New features of ICD-10-CM and the specificity of the codes
Explore new ICD-10-CM coding conventions

Order Beginners Session for $197 or Order All Sessions for $491

INTERMEDIATE ICD-10, Available for Immediate Download: If your staff members have a firm ICD-10 foundation, but need to know how to put the new codes into action, this 90-minute INTERMEDIATE session is just what they need. Here are just a few of the areas they’ll master during this hands-on session: 

How documentation can make or break the correct code assignment
Application of new information required to assign certain diagnosis codes
Determine how guidelines and definitions are used to apply the correct diagnosis code (through case examples)
Unspecified Codes: Correct use and why specificity is key; also how to avoid their misuse
Strategies to improve provider documentation and their impact on your claims

Order Intermediate Session for $197 or Order All Sessions for $491

ADVANCED ICD-10, Available for Immediate Download: This 90-minute  ADVANCED session will slice apart key aspects of the ICD-10 requirements and guidelines, and provide practical, step-by-step tactics needed to make sure your claims get paid the first time. Here are just a couple of the targeted topics you'll dominate:

Medical Necessity: Ensure solid support for the procedures or services provided by your clinicians
Know when to use signs and symptoms in lieu of a definitive diagnosis<
Tactics for correctly utilizing external cause codes
Compare ICD-9-CM and ICD-10 documentation differences to make the transition easier, faster and less painful
Specialty Breakdown: Dig into a variety of specialty examples and nuances to make implementation a reality

Order Advanced Session for $197 or Order All Sessions for $491

Anyone that is responsible for applying and ensuring accurate diagnosis codes needs to be prepared for this monumental change, for example:

Coders & Billers: Obviously coders and billers must understand the system to ensure accurately coded, filed and paid claims.
Practice Managers: If you're a practice manager and you're responsible for ensuring your practice's claims get paid correctly, knowing ICD-10 is a must.
Physicians & NPPs: As you know, physicians and NPPs are responsible for choosing diagnoses for your patients. Accordingly, it is essential that they have a strong understanding of this system so that your patients are diagnosed correctly.

Take advantage of this practical, plain-English ICD-10 level-based training series. You can correct the danger zones you’ve identified and stop your claims from being delayed, denied or even suspended. 

Meet Your Expert: Deborah Grider, CPC, CPMA, CCS-P, CDIP 

Ms. Grider has over 30 years of experience in coding, reimbursement, practice management, billing compliance, accounts receivable, revenue cycle management, and compliance across many specialties.

She has provided testimony for the National Committee on Health Care Vital Statistics on ICD-10 implementation and is considered an ICD-10 expert in the country. She developed the education and training for ICD-10 Implementation for Physicians and Payers for the American Academy of Professional Coders, and the ICD-10 Implementation Training for the Indiana Hospital Association. She served in 2009-2012 on the ICD-10 Stakeholders Committee in Washington, DC advising CMS and HHS of the challenges with ICD-10 Implementation.

Ms. Grider consults with private practices, physician networks, health plans, and hospital-based educational programs. She helped develop and implement a Medical Assisting Program for Methodist Hospital of Indiana (IU Health) under a federal re-training grant. She conducts many seminars throughout the year on coding and reimbursement issues. She is the former program director of the Medical Coding Program for Clarian Health Partners (IU Health). Deborah is a legal coding advisor for many attorneys nationally.

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