3-Part Front Desk Training: Head Off Patient Disasters, Boost Collections, Avoid HIPAA Audits

Your front desk can make or break your practice – REALLY. Your team at your reception desk directly ties to overall collections, patient satisfaction and HIPAA compliance. And if they don't get it right it can seriously cost you financially and legally. The good news is that there is something you can do about it today.

National service, practice management and HIPAA experts Mara Shorr, BS, CAC II-X, Laurie Morgan, MBA and Christine Duprey, have put together three must-have online training sessions that can help you head off front desk customer service disasters, significantly improve collections and avoid HIPAA mistakes.

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PART 1: Front Desk Service: Head Off Patient Disasters, Avoid Costly Patient Turnover

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Your front desk is the main reason your patients leave your practice.  

Believe it or not, 96% of patients in a recent 35,000-patient study revealed that their primary frustration about their physician practice was related to customer service. 

Your reception staff are the first people your patients speak to and the first people they see when they walk in your door. And, without the proper skills, it’s only a matter of time before a difficult situation will lead to patients walking away to find another practice that will treat them better. But there is something you can do about it…

Medical practice expert and consultant, Mara L. Shorr, BS, CAC II-X has put together a 60-minute online training session to help you and your staff. Hiring a consultant to come into your practice and train your reception team can cost you thousands of dollars. By ordering this online training session, your entire team will receive the specific tactics they need to provide exceptional service to your patients. Your front desk reception team interacts with your patients in a variety of ways: in person, phone, email, mail, etc. Any one of these touchpoints has the potential to generate a negative impact on your practice, unless you take immediate action.

Front Desk Customer ServiceHere are just a few of the practical, step-by-step tactics your front desk team will receive by ordering this 60-minute online training:

  • Pin down the perfect phone greeting for your office and send patient satisfaction through the roof
  • Uncover and resolve hidden danger areas with specific mystery caller questions
  • Proven new patient checklist that creates an amazing first impression
  • Keep patients longer with easy-to-use cheat sheets for your front desk
  • Incorporate clear patient screening questions to improve booking of qualified patient consults
  • Avoid negative impressions with simple eye contact training tool
  • Employ simple solutions to after-hours service mishaps
  • And so much more…

When your active patients leave your practice it’s like throwing your money into the garbage. It’s so much harder and more expensive to bring in new patients than to keep your existing ones. You should do everything possible to help your front desk have a positive impact on your patients, and this online training is the answer. 

You can gain the benefit of this nationally recognized speaker from the comfort of your own office. 

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    PART 2: Front Desk Collections: Boost Patient Payup, Get Paid More of What You’re Due

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    Patient collections should account for 20-30% of your overall practice revenue. If not, bottom line, you’re losing money. 

    The answer is usually that your front desk team isn't collecting everything possible, even though they believe they are. The good news is that there is something you can do about it, with a little help.

    That’s where collections expert, Laurie Morgan, MBA, can help. During her online training, she will show you how to dramatically improve the amount your front desk team collects each day. In only 60 minutes, her proven strategies will help you improve your cash flow and your overall profitability.

    By ordering this online training session your front desk will bring in more money than you thought possible.

    Here are just a few of the specific strategies you’ll be able to put into place:

    • How preparation and alternative payment options can boost your pay up
    • Key phrases that push patients to pay when they walk in the door
    • Make collections a “team sport” led by your front desk
    • Understand patient payment obstacles to improve what you get paid
    • Bring in overdue balances with simple to implement processes - that really work
    • Identify the best collection technology tools that’ll reduce your bad debt
    • Proven processes increase your payments from high-deductible patients
    • Implement key patient “touchpoints” to significantly increase pay-up
    • Proven financial conversations that engage patients, not offend them
    • Master verification of benefits before you bill and increase profitability
    • And much more...

    IMPORTANT: This session is for EVERY medical practice that collects copays, deductibles or any other payments from patients, whether you outsource your billing and collections or not.

    Order today to learn how you can collect more of the payments that you deserve. Order now.

        Order the 3-Part Series for $491 (Save $100)   |   Order Only This Training Session for $197

        PART 3: Front Desk HIPAA: Avoid Costly Front Desk HIPAA Mistakes

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        Noncompliant use and disclosure of your patients’ protected health information is the number one driver behind being hit with significant HIPAA violations and fines. And considering that your front desk staff interact most often with your patients, identifying and resolving these and other common HIPAA front desk violations is the one way to protect yourself.

        The good news is that there are several easy-to-implement tactics you can use at your front desk that will protect you from getting stuck with huge violation fines. That’s where nationally recognized healthcare consultant and HIPAA expert, Christine M. Duprey, comes in. Christine has prepared an online training session that will help keep you out of legal & financial hot water.

        HIPAA Front DeskIn only 60-minutes, you’ll learn how to implement specific actions to protect you from the most common front desk HIPAA violations – and if you don't think your office has any, think again.  Christine’s session will help you ensure your front-desk staff are trained to identify violations before they get you in trouble, and successfully handle even the most challenging patient complaints before they escalate to OCR and potentially causing a further audit on all your practices.

        Here are just a few of the practical front desk HIPAA tactics you’ll receive during this online training session:

        • Avoid HIPAA Privacy Notice requirement violations from leading to corrective actions
        • Dodge disclosed patient information violations – even the smallest amount of information matters
        • Halt patient HIPAA complaints in their tracks by implementing effective processes
        • Quickly overcome family member complaints for lack of disclosure
        • Set up a HIPAA-compliant sign-in process that protects both you and your patients
        • Master your patients’ HIPAA rights and protect yourself from costly penalties
        • And so much more…

              Order the 3-Part Series for $491 (Save $100)   |   Order Only This Training Session for $197


              Don’t have your front desk interact with one more patient before ordering this front desk online training series. Your front desk can have a positive impact on your patients, as well as improve your cash flow and profitability. Don't wait another minute. Order within the next 10 days and get extra savings when you order the entire 3-part series.


              “Engaging speaker, organized slides, overall happy with the experience! Really comprehensive-great job!”
              - Jasmine Muniz-Cadorette, 340B Program Specialist, Brightpoint Health, New York, NY

              “New ideas and good presentation. I liked the technology pieces and communication to the patients.”
              - Aziza Abed, Senior Director of Operations, North American Dental Group, Westlake, OH

              “I liked that Mara was specific and it wasn't so high level and generic.”
              - Naomi Leaman, Revenue Cycle Trainer, NCH Healthcare, Naples, FL

              “Very thorough with presentation and answering of questions, very informational.”
              - Sandra Skow, Admissions Manager, Mille Lacs Health System, North Omamia, MN

              “It was informative.”
              - Sarah Brooke, Supervisor of Customer Service, Avanti Hospitals, El Segundo, California