Stop HIPAA Violations, Avoid Massive Penalties

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Don't make the fatal mistake of thinking you're immune to a HIPAA audit. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) on the Health and Human Services' (HHS) website is full of healthcare organizations that never dreamed they could be found guilty of a HIPAA violation - and yet they were.

If you're audited and violations are uncovered, you can be required to pay massive fines and penalties or you can even be sent to jail (it really happens). It doesn't matter if you work in a hospital system or are a solo-practitioner. It doesn't matter what state you're located in or what specialty you practice. And the "I didn't know" excuse isn't going to fly either. Unless you take action, you're at risk.

But with a little help, you CAN shield your practice and ensure you're protected should you ever receive a HIPAA audit notification or have a security breach.

That's what healthcare attorney, David Vaughn, JD, CPC, will teach you in his online training session. As a healthcare attorney, David has dedicated his career to helping healthcare providers, just like you, protect themselves from the massive fines that can result from even innocent HIPAA mistakes. During his 60-minute online training session, he’ll identify and breakdown the most risky HIPAA target areas by discussing REAL case examples where massive fines have been levied. You'll receive proven tactics to combat HIPAA violations before they become a problem.

Here are some key strategies you'll be able to put into practice after listening to this practical, 60-minute online training:

  • Identify primary HIPAA target areas and the policies needed to avoid them
  • Detect data holes to reduce Ransomware and hacker breaches
  • Revise your internal and remote password policies to comply with current requirements
  • Head off vendor breach violations by applying compliant business associate contracts
  • Pin down why fines were assessed in over 30 cases, and learn how to avoid similar situations
  • Protect patient privacy by implementing compliant cell phone texting and email policies
  • Master breach notification processes to keep your risk to a minimum
  • And much more

There is no doubt that large organizations are being hit with millions of dollars in HIPAA violation penalties, but small practices are at significant risk too – a few examples include: An Iowa clinic paid $400,000, an Alaska community health center paid $150,000, an Arizona practice paid $100,000, and a Massachusetts practice paid $1,500,000. 

Although not all HIPAA violation cases result in large fines, the significant stress and hassle of being audited is something you certainly don't want to experience. Why risk it, order this must-have- online training today.

AAPC: This program meets AAPC guidelines for 1.0 CEUs. On Demand product requires successful completion of a Post- Test for Core A, CPCO and CPMA for continuing education units.

Meet Your Expert: David Vaughn, J.D., CPC

David VaughnDavid is one of a limited number of healthcare attorneys in the United States who is also a Certified Professional Coder®, certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders® ("AAPC®"). David has served on the Legal Advisory Board of the AAPC and has written several coding and compliance books and manuals. He is also a national speaker on the legal implications of billing and coding.  He also has a national healthcare law practice, and has represented over 2,000 physicians in approximately 40 states in over 10 physician disciplines. 


“It was very good.”
- Kellie Newman, IT/Operations Manager, Polley Clinic of Dermatology, Wilson, NC

“I was shocked to know what great links people take to get PHI. I really enjoyed it. I would like to listen again.”
- Vanessa Morrison, Radiology Supervisor, Amarillo Medical Specialist, Amarillo, TX

“Everything was very informational. Great!”
- Nubia Guzman, CPMA, Community Medical Centers, Stockton, CA