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On-Demand Webinar

2-Part Training for Provider Credentialing: Basics and Beyond

$394.00 $319.00

On-Demand Webinar

2-Part Training for Provider Credentialing: Basics and Beyond

$394.00 $319.00

  • The consequences of incorrect provider credentialing are extreme. Providers can be terminated from payer networks, see dramatic reductions in new patients, and ultimately serious reductions in revenue. And unlike hospitals that enlist full time credentialing professionals, most medical practices put this process on an existing staff member (YOU). And you’re just expected to be able to do it all. Well, you don’t have to do it alone. 

    Enrollment and credentialing expert, Tracey Tokheim, can help with her 2-Part online training series, Provider Credentialing: Basics and Beyond

    During Part 1 of this series “Credentialing Basics: Everything Your Practice Needs,” you’ll gain a concrete foundation of credentialing best practices to help you avoid common errors that can put your providers at risk.  

    Then, during Part 2, “Successfully and Easily Credential and Enroll Providers with Required Sites” you’ll learn how to master the numerous online enrollment and credentialing services (PECOS, CAQH, NPPES, NPI), so you can get it right the first time. 

    Savings Deadline: Order this 2-Part online training series within the next 2 days, and you'll save an additional $75 off the total cost. Or, if you prefer, you can order each session individually without the discount. 

  • PART 1: Credentialing Basics: Everything Your Practice Needs

    Available Immediately 
    Order the downloadable version and listen to it at your convenience. 

    The consequences of incorrect provider credentialing are extreme. You can be terminated from payer networks, see dramatic reductions in new patients, and ultimately serious reductions in revenue. 

    Although correctly credentialing for your providers isn’t rocket science, there are specific nuances that can trip you up and lead to serious backlash. However, with a little guidance, you could avoid delayed payments due to credentialing errors, and ensure that your revenue keeps flowing.

    That’s where credentialing expert, Tracey Tokheim, can help. During her 90-minute online training session, she’ll walk you through the most important aspects of provider credentialing, and help you ensure everything sails through the approval process.

    Here are just a few of the step-by-step strategies you’ll receive by taking advantage of this 90-minute online training:

    Proven process to overcome the top barriers to successful enrollment

    • Identify application red flags fast and stop them from hurting your revenue
    • Avoid missed deadlines with proven provider enrollment activity tracking
    • Master electronic database application processes
    • Pin down clear hand-offs to avoid details falling through the cracks
    • Implement proven expirables management and stop being dropped
    • Proven Initial Application Process Checklist to head off missed deadlines
    • Head off the most common references errors
    • And so much more…
    Unlike hospitals that enlist full time credential professionals, most medical practices put this process on an existing staff member and just expect you to be able to do it. Well, you are not alone. By ordering this online training, you’ll get the insider information you need to file more accurate applications, and avoid delayed or lost reimbursement due to credentialing errors.

    Don’t submit another application or credentialing update without signing up for this must-have training. Sign up today!


    PART 2:Credentialing/Enrollment: Master Multiple Online Sites

    Available Immediately
    Order the downloadable version and listen to it at your convenience.

    Keeping up with the numerous online enrollment and credentialing services (PECOS, CAQH, NPPES, NPI) you’re required to use is enough to give anyone a massive headache. There always seems to be a new hoop you are required to jump through to ensure your provider credentials are accurate and current.

    Getting it wrong really isn’t an option. Just one simple mistake can have dire consequences. Your providers could lose their hospital privileges, get kicked off of insurance panels, and have their reimbursement stopped – for Medicare and private payers.

    But how are you supposed to keep up with everything else on your plate?

    There is a way, and credentialing and enrollment expert, Tracey Tokheim, is going to show you how. During her 60-minute online training session, Tracey will pinpoint the most common errors, and then show you how to avoid them. She will help you make your credentialing process more accurate and less stressful – the first time.

    Here are several of the plain-English, easy-to-implement credentialing tactics you’ll receive by taking advantage of this 60-minute online training:

    • Avoid top credentialing site roadblocks and keep your providers in good standing
    • Master what form goes with what system to make credentialing easier
    • Get your new providers seeing patients and getting paid faster and easier
    • Avoid rejections from CAQH and NPPES websites with simple tactic
    • Stop delayed payer payments for out of data NPI number
    • Stop CAQH profile errors and accurately revise your provider profiles
    • Navigate the NPPES site changes quickly and easily the first time
    • Uncover additional credentialing databases that can make your life easier
    • And so much more…

    Mastering the various credentialing and enrollment site requirements is essential to the continued success and compliance of your organization. You CAN more accurately and successfully manage the nuances of the various online enrollment and credentialing sites (PECOS, CAQH, NPPES, NPI) with the proven tactics you’ll learn during this online training. 

    The constant changes, confusing language and importance of getting your provider enrollment and credentialing right the first time makes this online training session a must-watch. Don’t wait, sign up today!

  • Meet Your Expert: Tracey Tokheim



    Tracey TokheimA recognized leader known for crafting strategic vision to achieve business goals through the development and execution of process efficiency, out-of-the box thinking, and key management partnerships. While serving as a Product Line Senior Director with Aperture Credentialing, LLC, Tracey has achieved a strong customer collaboration to secure customer commitment to efficient provider enrollment/credentialing and the use of our products to get to a very efficient process. Tracey’s career is comprised of over fifteen years management experience and over ten years project management execution while being recognized by staff for exceptional customer focus and employee recognition opportunity as “One of our Best” nominated by employees and leaders. Tracey has dedicated her adult career to health care organizations experiencing process failure and been a part of achieving process success, execution successful implementation of training and process change, and leaves a mark as a leader by example. Tracey holds a Master’s in Business Administration and Project Management and donates time and dollars to help children play sports who otherwise cannot afford it.    

  • Reviews:

    “The webinar was very informative. It touched base on everything. I really like the information about the resources.”
    - Amber Thompson, Credentialing/Billing Department, Sapphire Community Health, Hamilton, MT

    “I enjoyed the slides and all of the information provided. I am new to credentialing so reassuring that even the most experienced people will have days. Very informative enjoyed from start to finish.”
    - Talia McLaughlin, PRC Supervisor, Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, Pendleton, OR

    “All topics were explained very well. The pace was just right. I like that the handout was followed; I was able to keep up & take notes. I have no complaints! Thank you!”
    - Crystal Casper, Credentialing, Rowan Diagnostic Clinic, PA, Salisbury, NC

    “Very helpful. This training helped de-mystify what has been happening after we sent all information to a service. We are a small clinic, and would like to move enrollment and credentialing in-house, and have now designated one person to handle this.”
    - Sandra McIlhenny, Credentialing Liaison, Integrated Joint Specialists DBA Reflex, Portland, OR